Me Vs Me

The newest RDI addition to my library:

Me vs. Me by Sarah Mlynowski

I haven't finished it just yet - about a third of the ways through. So far so good but I am a bit biased since I am a Sarah Mlynowski fan to begin with.
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Starbucks Xmas Cup 1

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Wal-Mart sells RDI books!!!


I was there last night with Tina cause she had a to get a birthday card for one of her co workers, and I was looking for a candy bar. I was in the food section when I realized that the candy section...was in a different part of the store. D'oh! As I was running from the food section to the aisle where the candy bars are, I had to run past the book and magazine section. I did a double take because they hed RED DRESS INK books!!!!! Of course we *Tina and I* were in a time time crunch, so I couldn't browse/read like I wanted to, but they had Inappropriate Men by by Stacey Ballis (which is on my Amazon and PBS wishlist), It's Not You, It's Me by by Allison Rushby (which is on my Amazon and PBS wishlist), As Seen On TV by Sarah Mlynowski (which I have, but have not yet read), Miss Bubbles Steals the Show by by Melanie Murray (which I have, but have not yet read).

I'm hoping they will be open today. I want to buy Inappropriate Men by by Stacey Ballis and It's Not You, It's Me by by Allison Rushby. BUT it's not like I *need* anymore books at the moment. I have chick lit books on my shelf that I haven't even read yet. Even RDI ones! And I have three books coming from, and two books coming from PBS. Oh and I wish I had at least ONE credit at PBS because one of my wishlist books have been posted there. They sent me a notice about it yesterday in my email. And I don't have a credit, so I can't get it. :(

Oh and coin change! I love to trade in my coin change for gift cards via Coinstar. How do you think I make all the trips to that I've done lately? Not to mention, you can get used books at a penny! Yes, a penny! That's how I've been getting more than one book at a time. Hell, the shipping and handling costs more than my books! I spend about $3.50 per book. That's the cost of the book plus shipping and handling. I LOVE And I've bought myself six chick lit books so far on *squee*

I'm running out of room on my bookshelf. Clearly I am.


I've decided that I'm going to start reading RDI books I haven't read before...and i'm starting at the beginning. I went on Amazon and ordered the first 10 books off of the list below that I haven't read, and i'm so excited that I only paid 40 bucks for all 10...that's like, 4 dollars a book. I love used books...I like when books have a little wear on the outside, it makes people think the book is so good that so many people have read it enough to wear the cover down :) Anyway, i'm done with my rabbling.

Have a nice day everyone :)
Starbucks Xmas Cup 1

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If anyone is interested, I've updated the RDI book list post.


stcrackerjuice you might want to add that post to the memories as a referance to all the books listed so far *that I've found* I'll update the post more and more when I find out about new books or books that I've missed.